Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mito A68, Android Multifunction Long Lasting Battery

Mito A68 Fantasy Power has just been released has the advantage that try to proud of Mito , especially if not battery power relatively grim in its class with a lithium-ion battery capacity of 4,000 mAh in it.

" The capacity of the battery is clearly large enough to support the activities of users who have high mobility without worrying about running out of battery , " said Lie Hansen , Director Mito Mobile in Skeeno Hall , Gandaria City , Jakarta , Friday ( 04/04/2014 ) .

As is known , a classic problem that is often faced by smartphone users is the battery that quickly lackluster aka low battery . Imagine if the problem occurs when the battery ngedrop being called for urgent business or doing banking transactions , matters became worse .

Many stories we hear , because of poor smartphone battery performance , business opportunities in sight to drift away. Any sophisticated a mobile phone , if the battery power will lead to disastrous problem . Mobile could not be reached , the fuel off , off Twitter , other facilities was not functioning automatically .

These issues often experienced by users of smartphones . Considered a practical way to help is by bringing POWERBANK or charger . However , this solution is temporary and less efficient .

" To release a smartphone that's Mito anti lowbat in response to the classical problem . Feature 4,000 mAh capacity battery power is clearly a solution for consumers , Facebookers , Netter and social media activists , " he said . Mito A68 Price in Indonesia sold at Rp 1,500,000

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